According to the United Nations, one-third of the Gazans killed are children.

Some in the international community are beginning to admit that the Israeli

military is committing genocide and infanticide.  Every day, and sometimes

hourly, Israel commits horrific violations of international and moral law.  I can’t

help but believe that the heart of Israel is weeping, even breaking, as this nation,

holding itself up as a model of democracy, commits violent atrocities against the

innocent.  Rabbi Henry Siegman, former Executive Director of the American

Jewish Congress, said recently, responding to a question about what Israel

could have done to avoid the carnage:  “Sure, they could have ended the

occupation.”  I say, now, end the occupation of Palestinian lands, remove the

settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, end the siege of Gaza,

re-establish the 1967 borders, establish a just peace for all and hold Israel

accountable at the International Criminal Court.  Just as no nation would stand

to have rockets fired at it from another nation, neither do the people of Gaza

chose to live as they are forced to live, in a prison, with every movement restricted

and every life oppressed by brutal power.