Congratulations to Bethel College (in North Newton, Kansas) for
presenting the play:  MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE.  I saw the
excellent production tonight (Feb. 1) at the college.  It is a one woman play
about the life and death in Gaza of a young American woman working
with an NGO trying to make life as tolerable as possible for the Palestinians
in the Rafah region of southern Gaza.  She was killed in March, 2003, by
an Israeli bulldozer as she put herself between the machine, operated
by an Israeli soldier, and the home of the Palestinian doctor’s family
she had been living with.  An amazing young actress, Renee Reimer,
played Rachel, and the play was professionally directed by
Megan Upton-Tyner of Bethel.  The original play was taken
from the writings of Rachel Corrie, edited by Katharine Viner and
the well-known actor Alan Rickman.  I worked in Gaza this past
April with Physicians for Social Responsibility, so Ms. Reimer had me in
tears several times in her 90 minute passionate and realistic portrayal
of Rachel and the horrors of life in the Gaza Strip.  There is even some
well-placed humor which keeps hope alive for many of the earth’s oppressed
and terrorized people including the 1.6 million living in the world’s
largest outdoor prison, the Gaza Strip.  Many thanks to Renee, Megan, Bethel
College, and, most of all, to Rachel Corrie for their courage, life, and art.

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