No attack on Syria

The Syrian crisis gives the United States a great opportunity.  Instead of

continuing to use Israel as our model for foreign policy in the Middle East

which led to two horrible wars and has bloody consequences every hour

of every day, lets show the world what HUMANITARIAN help really looks
like.  If we REALLY want to help Syria, lets provide (maybe even unilaterally!),
food, shelter, protection, medicine, and schooling to the two million Syrian
refugees, half of whom are children.  Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq are in dire
need of the basics of human existence in order to cope with the refugees.
Syria is finally, after two and a half years and 120,000 deaths, on the
international stage.  NOW is the time for an unprecedented humanitarian
“Marshall Plan” to provide life, not death, to citizens of an amazingly rich
and ancient culture.  More bombs is an idea that lacks creativity and compassion.
More bombs would be stupid and is NOT in the national interest of the U.S., no
matter what Rep. Pompeo says.  He is wrong.  Sec. of State Kerry calls those of
us opposed to an attack on Syria “armchair isolationists.”  He is wrong.  Seventy
percent of this nation wants NO ATTACK on Syria.  But we are a generous and
giving people.  So lets stop being the leading arms dealer in the world and take on
the really peaceful step of providing humanitarian aid to those literally dying for lack
of the basics.  Jimmy Carter said:  “We can’t be both the world’s leading champion of
peace and the world’s leading supplier of arms.” Lets help make a livable world
instead of aiding and abetting its criminal destruction.

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Born in Quantico, VA. Went to high school in southern California, BA from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA, MFA (writing and literature) from the U. of Montana. MDiv from San Francisco Theological Seminary, Graduate Certificate to teach English as a Second Language. Have six books of poems published. Have given workshops/readings/or taught at Wichita St. U, Friends U., Tuzla Medressa (Bosnia), U. of Latvia, Laisma Middle School (Riga, Latvia), plus several states in the U.S. Live now in Wichita, Kansas.
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