01.05.2020 INTERNATIONAL WORKERS DAY, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Seven weeks of lockdown. Worried about family and friends in the states and in other countries. And here in Mostar. We are fine. Five weeks of online classes left. Final exams start June 15. Really miss going for a coffee with students, colleagues and friends. (All three categories could be the same person!!🙂🙂) Very thankful for friends and colleagues and students who have helped us out and/or just checked in on us. “There is a way out of no way.” “We shall overcome.” ZADRZI NADU ZIVU! (Keep hope alive!) These are NOT meaningless platitudes. On CNN International there is a plea for the world to unite made by a consortium of African businesses: #stayalivetogether PLEASE, THIS IS SERIOUS, MORE THAN SERIOUS, WHITE EXCEPTIONALISM WILL NOT SAVE ANYONE. BEING POOR AND/OR A PERSON OF COLOR PUTS YOU AT GREATER RISK. THOSE OF YOU PROTESTING, WITH OR WITHOUT GUNS, THE STAY AT HOME ORDERS, TALK TO TRUMP ABOUT A GUARANTEED INCOME PROGRAM BECAUSE THIS IS GOING TO LAST A LONG TIME…YOU REMIND ME OF THE CHARACTER IN THE FILM, “STEEL MAGNOLIAS” WHO SAYS, ‘INSTANT GRATIFICATION ISN’T FAST ENOUGH!!’ THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY, BUT DOES IT HAVE TO BE? Finally, take heart with me from the words of the great poet, Lucille Clifton, ‘…everyday/something has tried to kill me/and has failed.’ Cuvaj se i mir.🌹🙂❤

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