An Incident That Might Lead to Something
A new collection of
poems by Michael Poage, available from Spartan Press!!

An Incident That Might Lead to Something
An Incident That Might Lead to Something

ISBN # 9781950380848
Trade Paper, $15

Published by Spartan Press,
Kansas City, Missouri.

Human Ink: The First Five Books, 1975-2005poems by Michael Poage, available now!! Go to Buy Books section.

Human Ink
What have other writers said about Michael’s work?

“…Michael Poage travels from Kansas to Sarajevo, from Oprah to genocide.  In precise and electric images he sketches our strange human world of grace and compassion, and of violence made ordinary.”

— Tony Barnstone, professor of English and writing,
Whittier College, poet and translator

“Michael Poage…alchemizes moments of sight into philosophers’ stone.  His poems insist on active participation of the reader, and the last beyond the page.  They insist upon continued reflection upon our lives.”

— Denise Low-Weso, writer, poet, President of AWP

The Average Level of Happiness

“These terrifyingly honest poems confront the essential loneliness of the human condition…that of the ghost fish, Miss Kansas, or a suicide bomber.  And, as always the poems are full of surprises generated by the simplest of everyday occurrences such as starting a new address book or forgetting what day of the week it is.”

— Madeline DeFrees, poet, writer, author of New
and Selected Poems,
Copper Canyon Press

“Michael Poage speaks in the voices of people who live, by choice or chance, on frontiers—of place, of time, of thought, of grace. These voices describe the dailiness of living on familial, international, and theological borders for which they and we, the implicated readers, must be responsible but which none of us can control.”

— Jeanine Hathaway, poet, novelist, author of The Ex-Nun Poems, Finishing Line Press

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